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WordPress Maintenance – £35.00 per month + VAT

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If you have a website, it needs to be maintained and updated. There are good reasons for this; Google wants to see your website being updated to keep your organic ratings in its search results growing, or vulnerabilities can be discovered at any time and exploited by hackers.  If you run on a system like WordPress, then you need to keep that up-to-date to keep your website secure and your search ranking growing.  Monthly maintenance should not be expensive! A couple of hours each month is all that is needed by a team of experts and that will keep your site running smoothly. Our maintenance starts at £35 +VAT per month and that includes your backups, updates and even some content tweaks!

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Are you running WordPress on your website? The developers of WordPress release constant updates to make sure it stays secure and running smoothly. If you do not update your website or you do it without backing up files and knowing what you are doing, it can get a bit messy! We do not want that for you, so we provide the peace of mind that we will update your website once a month. This means it stays secure and is less vulnerable to attacks. Content management systems are fantastic if looked after correctly! Website maintenance should not be forgotten about and keeping your website updated should be on your to-do list!


We can maintain your website even if we did not design it. First, we will have a look to see if your website has any problems, and let you know of any site issues and how we can fix them monthly alongside the maintenance if you want us to!

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Web Design Northampton


We NEVER tie you into a contract for our monthly maintenance! We offer monthly or even one-off maintenance. To us, it’s not about taking your money, it’s about making it easy for you to keep your site up and running and secure! If your website goes down, you will probably lose money or potential customers It is our job to make sure it stays up, secure and running optimally. It’s not necessary that your website was built by us for us to maintain it!  We can look after most websites and lower your maintenance costs.

Web Design Northampton


We make it easy for you to begin your maintenance with us. We first check if your website is running optimally and let you know if anything needs fixing, and then we begin looking after you every month. We will also perform some initial optimisation and backups. We will test your page load speeds and make you fully aware of anything that is causing an issue on your website. We will then begin your monthly maintenance and help keep you secure so you lose that extra worry!

Are you interested in our monthly maintenance?

If you want to have a chat with us and see how we differ from most other companies you may have dealt with in the past, feel free to give us a call or fill in our contact form. We love to give help and advice even if you do not need one of our services, so if you just need a bit of extra advice we are also here for you on that note too!

Poppy Design Studio help many businesses on a monthly basis to keep their websites running smoothly and stay up-to-date. Please contact us today and we can evaluate your website and give you FREE feedback on the current state your website and let you know what needs sorting and help discuss your maintenance options.

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