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About This Project

The team at Industrial Encoders Direct approached us needing a new website that was up-to-date, easy to manage and mobile responsive. IED have many different products with different options so they didn’t want an online shop, but they did need a website that could upgrade to that in the future, if they decide to add that facility. They did however want a certain number of products listed on the website where the user, instead of buying the item, can enquire about it instead. So we created an e-commerce website for them without the BUY IT NOW button, but had a contact form attached to each product instead. This meant the products could be laid out nicely, and let the consumer enquire about the specific product they are interested in.

website design wales

IED also needed an easy way for customers to search the website for the product they require. They needed a very complex system compared to the usual e-commerce search facility as their products have many variables and it needed to be accurate enough to not pick up on other sections of the website, but products only. So we created an Advanced Encoder Search which has a simple front end for customers to use, but is complex in the back end so it would give accurate results.

Website design wales

The website also needed to be fast loading, handle a large menu system and be mobile responsive. We opted for a side menu so it would shrink down easily even with a lot of menu items. The website loads fantastically on mobile, tablets and different browsers.

IED have been around for many years, so their website had a lot of back links from old content. In order to ensure IED did not lose SEO rankings we used our Rank Protection Protocol.  New website designs often lose rankings in search engines if the site hasn’t been upgraded with SEO in mind and certain criteria adhered to in order to give it the best possible chance of saving any pre-existing search engine rankings.

We are very happy the finished website and the client is too.  We will be posting a testimonial soon from the client and we have future plans for more website designs for them! We also provide dedicated UK hosting for all their websites, so we hope to build a long standing relationship with them.


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