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Logo and Leaflet Design for La Faire Bébé

Poppy Design Studio are really proud to sponsor a local event hosted by LeeLea Events. The event is La Faire Bébé – Corby Bump, Baby & Toddler Event. Poppy Design Studio have created their logo, which is hand drawn, and their leaflets / posters. We also created a leaflet for the photography shoot. Leanne from LeeLea Events has been amazing when putting this event together and you can find full details on their Facebook page if you want to buy tickets – they are still available! If you pre-book your tickets you get a fantastic free gift ! ( 1 per family. )


Logo and Leaflet Design:

All the aspects in the logo are hand drawn by Marie, and they are high resolution as LeeLea events needed different artwork for different purposes, eg logo, banners etc.

La Faire bebe

Leaflet/ poster Design:

We used the hand drawn aspects that we used in the logo to create a leaflet and poster for the event.

Poster Design Kettering

All artwork was created high resolution so it could be used for many different purposes.  Here are some photos of what they have created from it: